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We specialize in manufacturing, bags, packaging boxes, thermal paper, labels, and exporting worldwide.

At Fantec Bags we are a "One Stop Factory," that is equipped with the latest automatic machinery, so we can be proficient when supplying kraft paper, non-woven, rpet, non-woven, cotton tote/ recycled, canvas, foldable nylon/polyester, jute, backpacks, waterproof, bags, thermal paper, and packaging. Exporting worldwide.

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Founded in 2008

At Fantecbags we strive to be the best
at manufacturing kraft paper bags, white kraft paper bags, non-woven bags, rpet non-woven bags, cotton tote bags, jute bags, fold-able bags, canvas bags, waterproof back backs, backpacks, suitcases, packaging boxes, labels, rolls, and thermal paper rolls.

China is the best and cheapest for manufacturing, because of its low labor costs, vast manufacturing capabilities and infrastructure, and access to raw materials. Additionally, China is home to a number of specialized manufacturers and suppliers who specialize in making high-quality and cost-effective bags. Furthermore, the Chinese government has a number of incentives in place to encourage companies to produce environmentally-friendly and sustainable products, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact. Finally, China is well-connected to the rest of the world, making it easy to ship products to customers worldwide.

Make your next journey pleasurable with us.

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