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"About us". Fantec bags' Main head office is located in Hong Kong even though we also have a factory in mainland China and another head office in Shenzhen China as it is the gateway to China and has no restrictions when it comes to communication and financial distrubution with the rest of the world.

Fantec was established in 2008 as an EAS Security Tag factory.

Our clients would also ask where they could purchase bags, thermal paper, and packaging boxes.

We always directed them to our family’s factory businesses in China, which have been generational companies for many years.

When my Australian husband first moved to Hong Kong, he started by giving the family a hand. After that, however, he became very passionate about our family business and was heavily involved over time.

Coming from western culture, he demonstrated western standards, wants, and needs were very different. We found this to be a huge positive benefit for our manufacturing company.

Even though our standards were very high, we soon recognized that western culture thinks and does things differently. So then, by combining Southeast Asian culture with Western culture, we believe we have developed the highest and most ethical standards that you can provide.

After many ventures within the family manufacturing businesses working together, my husband could see that we would benefit if we merged as a group as he had prior experience. So, we all decided it would be far more beneficial if we all could amalgamate the businesses as a group for optimization and growth.

So, we all finally felt that amalgamating the family manufacturing businesses as a group was the right decision. Therefore, after lengthy discussions with our legal team and understanding the disadvantages and advantages we decided to merge as a group.

Since we merged as a group, we have been able to increase our market share, as well as explore new sectors and graphical locations giving us a footprint in other countries thereby allowing us to reach more global clients. We enjoy a stronger position, thus, increasing our customer traffic, sales, and revenue.

Given the challenging economy especially through covid, as a group, credit and loans have become tougher to obtain, but the merger as a group has allowed us to become more valuable in the eyes of the creditors. It has also allowed us to increase revenue as well as decrease redundancy and overheads. This, in turn, has enabled us to attract capital easily and increase equity within the group.

Management experts and talent from the merger when combined enhance talent, valuable resources, technical know-how, and management increasing the ability to leverage employees’ capabilities. This has been an asset to our business, thus being one of the most valued advantages of merging.

This has helped boost product development, and innovation in distribution, manufacturing, research & development, design increased service and product offers, thus catering to the growing demands of customers which also ensures that we restrict our customers from venturing into competitors’ being able to provide everything under one roof.

Due to these reasons, we have never looked back and slowly been able to invest in the newest technology.

We have also been able to purchase the latest equipment like automatic production machines to be more efficient by increasing production lead-time and maintaining high quality.

As a Group our buying power enables us to purchase raw materials at completive prices, thus passing these savings on to our clients, which has been a huge benefit.

Fantecbags is recognized worldwide for its excellence in maintaining high-quality service, striving to be a market leader and provider in today’s competitive market.

Who we are and what do we do at Fantec bags?

We are a family owned business, that takes pride and is passionate about manufacturing.

We work well as a team, to combine our talents so we can provide excellent service. And be a valuable asset to you and your company.

We listen to people’s wants and needs.

Our family team has decades of experience. 


Founded in 2008

At Fantecbags we strive to be the best
at manufacturing kraft paper bags, white kraft paper bags, non-woven bags, rpet, non-woven bags, cotton tote bags, jute bags, fold-able bags, canvas bags, waterproof back backs, backpacks, suitcases, packaging boxes, labels, rolls, and thermal paper rolls.

China is the best and cheapest for manufacturing, because of its low labor costs, vast manufacturing capabilities and infrastructure, and access to raw materials. Additionally, China is home to a number of specialized manufacturers and suppliers who specialize in making high-quality and cost-effective bags. Furthermore, the Chinese government has a number of incentives in place to encourage companies to produce environmentally-friendly and sustainable products, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact. Finally, China is well-connected to the rest of the world, making it easy to ship products to customers worldwide.

Make your next journey pleasurable with us.

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