Kraft Paper Bags

At Fantec Bags we are a "One Stop Factory," that is equipped with the latest automatic machinery, so we can be proficient when supplying kraft paper, non-woven, rpet, non-woven, cotton tote/ recycled, canvas, foldable nylon/polyester, jute, backpacks, waterproof, bags, thermal paper, and packaging. Exporting worldwide.


Please note the minimum order is one 20 ft shipping container! Unless you are ordering from China or Hong Kong.

Please note all sample fees and the cost of shipping them are charged upfront and are refunded once you place your main order. This is not negotiable!

Our brown kraft paper bag range.

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Our Kraft Paper Bag Range, and Different Handles.

Paper Bags have stepped up in today’s market place and far more workable than a plastic bag when customizing brand artwork or image.

We love our Paper Bag Range as it gives the client’s brand exposure, with high-visibility. Displaying thoughtful consideration to the environment as the bag will not end up in the landfill, and shows you care about nature’s planet earth, by using a biodegradable and fully recyclable bag.

Wine Kraft Paper Bags

Plain Color Kraft Paper Bags.

Recycled paper bags made from recycled paper, standard Kraft paper bags are made from wood pulp used for normal paper bags, contribute to deforestation.

Used pulp or paper is more beneficial to our environment. New manufacturing technology and techniques recycle paper wood pulp.

Recycled bags have various shapes and sizes, display your business image, showing that your company is environmentally friendly.

SOS Kraft Paper Bags.

SOS Bags are also known as Stand-on-Shelf bags and are very similar in design as the commonly used Brown Kraft Paper Bags. However, they are more durable stronger and are mostly used carrying food or beverages. Come in many colors for that stylish touch and great for branding image. Ideal packaging solutions to suit your needs.

Pinch Bottom Paper Bags.

The Pinch bottom paper bags look like the envelopes as it is similar in shape and design. They have a closed-end, and one end remains open once something is inside, used in bakeries and takeaway shops. Pinch bottom bags have an inner grease-resistant layer and a reliable solution for takeaway food items.

Merchandise Paper Bags.

Merchandise bags come in a range of sizes, from large or small. These bags are similar to envelopes. However, the Merchandise bags available in different colors and are great for branding and advertisement.

Euro Tote Paper Bags.

The Euro tote is quite stylish and smart looking. It comes with fancy handles, customized branding, and various surface finishes.

The Euro tote bag is more involved to recycle than the Kraft paper bag because of its plastic lining and metalizes inks.

However, these bags are quite durable and can be reused several times over and look great, making them a far better option than single-use plastic.

Many big, leading brand stores use Euro tote bags because they have a great display of branding visibility, making them a great choice.

Bakery Paper Bags.

The wax-coated paper bags come in many shapes and sizes, for bread, pies pastries, cookies. The glazed inner-lining helps the freshness of the product and stops seepage.

Party Kraft Paper Bags.

Party bags are glossy vibrant in color. These paper bags are a good option for retail stores that specialize in sweets, candies, weddings, parties, and gifts. These bags follow in the same footstep as the Kraft paper bags and a popular choice for these known industries.

Mailing Bag.

The mailing bag is similar to the envelope and vastly used in online purchases as an e-commerce shipping bag. The mailing bag is a quality packaging bag, even when posting the small valuable item. This bag is lined with a durable tear-resistant protection cloth layer, protecting items. The mailing bag has an adhesive strip that will secure your items safely.

Recycled Paper Bags.

Recycled paper bags made from recycled paper, standard Kraft paper bags are made from wood pulp used for normal paper bags, contribute to deforestation.

Used pulp or paper is more beneficial to our environment. New manufacturing technology and techniques recycle paper wood pulp.

Recycled bags have various shapes and sizes, display your business image, showing that your company is environmentally friendly.

Vogue Kraft Paper Bag.

Vogue bags are stylish retail shopping bags used by many retail stores today. They have spacious practicality and re-usable many times after the initial purchase. Great image branding. These bags look fabulous and stylish, also an ideal gifting solution.

Folded Paper Handle Kraft Bags.

This bag is the most economical option, constructed from a simple piece of Kraft paper. This making the bags recycle friendly and ideal for light loads.

These paper bags are a good option for gift and take away packaging.

Types of Handles.

There are many types of handles to choose from when it comes to paper bags. It will all come down to how it looks feel and strength you want to achieve when designing your paper bag. There are many different materials and methods when affixing the paper bag handles.

Ribbon Handles.

Ribbons feel soft luxurious, they generally have a glossy finish, and surprisingly quite durable.

Ribbon handles come in a wide range of colors and finishes. They suit almost every style of paper bags. Ribbon handles are not for heavier loads.

Ribbon handles enhancing the look and feel of the bag and would be a more viable choice.

Die Cut Handles.

Die-cut paper bag handles, keep it cheap and simple. The die-cut handle is cost-effective. Generally, a reinforced plastic patch or a thick paper patch prevents ripping.

Cotton Rope Handles.

Cotton handles maintain high-end feel. The cotton handle ropes have more strength than ribbon handles, more comfortable carrying heavier loads, more preferable choice.

Twisted Paper Handle.

Twisted paper handles would be the next cheapest alternative to die-cut handles and folded paper handles. They are line feed into the automation machine, glued on at the same time making the bag. They are also a cost-effective handle and more commonly used.

Folded Paper Handle.

The folded paper handle is economically from a simple piece of paper, also great for small bags, and light loads. The folded paper handed makes it so much easier when it comes to the recycling process.

PP Nylon Handle

Tie Knot End Handle.

The tied knot is just a simple tied knot to attach the rope handle but can be more labor-intensive.

Glued Handles.

Glued handles are made by full automation machines a more precise method when attaching the handle. Controlling the quantity of glue applied. You will get some ripple effect, but this method is better than hand gluing.

Embedded End

Rivet Fixed End Handles.

Fixed rivets are a pressed fit to attach the handles to the bags.

Rivet Eyelet.

Rivet eyelets are a press fit, that prevents handle ropes from pulling through the paper bag under load.

Shoe Buckle Rope End.

The Shoe buckle rope handles are pre-made by our supplier. We push the shoelace-type handle straight through the die-cut hole, then spread the end caps a little, allowing the end caps to hook onto the inner bag.

They come in many various styles. We can help you pick the right ones to suit your bag’s design and load capacity.


Types of Different Printing.

Hot foil stamping will emphasize your printing or branding image.

The benefits of hot foil printing, it can be applied to many paper surfaces.

Due to the acceptability of a broad range of surfaces in the paper bag industry, it has become very adopted when it comes to printing logos and branding images.

The good thing about foil stamping is a diversity when printing. It gives you that high-end finish, elegant touch that your branding image deserves.

Foil finish with Embossing and Debossing.

Foil finish with embossing and debossing is a great way to customize your image or text. It features an in-depth 3D like appearance and very impressive.


Can give you that 3D image that comes straight out staring at you. We can also put the foil printing on the embossing to accentuate the image.

Gold Foil Stamping.

Hot foil stamping has a unique process. Metallic foils transferred on the surface using heat and pressure.

Silver Foil Stamping.

Hot foil stamping has a unique process. Metallic foils transferred on the surface using heat and pressure.

Bronze Foil Stamping

Orchid Hot Foil Stamping.

Laser foils have that bling, bling look.

Spot UV Process.

An Elegant 3D image look that stands out with a touch of class.

Gloss Laminate.

The Glossy White Kraft Paper Bag aimed to give you that ultimate Sheik image that is very high-end and classy.

This bag has outstanding strength, print-ability qualities, machine glazed, and exposing your products branding image with a touch of elegance, giving your client a luxurious feeling after shopping from your retail shop, chemist, or fashion outlet.

Generally finished in stylish cotton rope handle, or classy ribbon handle, depending on the strength feels, and the style you are after.

Matt Laminate.

Matt laminate finish is a great way to get your image across, which has a sealed look finish, without a high gloss wet glazed look, still maintaining a sharp, stunning look.

Kraft Paper Bags.

Kraft paper bags have no gloss finish whatsoever. However, they have that flat earthy, rustic look and natural feel about them.

Our Bags come in many different Colors Foils and Laser Foils.

Laser hot foil stamping is stunning and has that bling feel about it. This enhances the finished appeal, giving your product the edge, taking it to the next level.

Enjoy our Laser Foil Range.


We can attach a bar code anywhere to your bags when printing, generally placed on the bottom of the bag or the hang tag for easy scanning at point of sale.

QR Code.

Great for promoting you business, we print QR Codes on bags all the time.


Hangtag is attached to bag handles using string, ribbon, etc. You can add your logo on the opposite side of the tags gifting message side.

Some Retailers add the bar codes on the hang tags for quick scanning. You can design the hangtag to your choice.

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China is the best and cheapest for manufacturing, because of its low labor costs, vast manufacturing capabilities and infrastructure, and access to raw materials. Additionally, China is home to a number of specialized manufacturers and suppliers who specialize in making high-quality and cost-effective bags. Furthermore, the Chinese government has a number of incentives in place to encourage companies to produce environmentally-friendly and sustainable products, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact. Finally, China is well-connected to the rest of the world, making it easy to ship products to customers worldwide.

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