Welcome to Fantec Bags. Our factory specializes in manufacturing kraft paper, non-woven, rept, non-woven, cotton tote/ recycled, canvas, foldable nylon/polyester, jute, backpacks, waterproof, bags, thermal paper, and packaging. Exporting worldwide.

At Fantec Bags our Factory is equipped with the latest automatic machinery, so we can be proficient when supplying kraft paper, non-woven, rept, non-woven, cotton tote/ recycled, canvas, foldable nylon/polyester, jute, backpacks, waterproof, bags, thermal paper, and packaging. Exporting worldwide.

At Fantec bags we provide great quality, service, and price to ensure we can service your needs when it comes to supplying kraft paper bags bags, thermal paper

In today’s high-paced world, many customers request high-quality, low-cost, and fast delivery schedules to meet all their needs. If we cannot keep up to speed, we will be far behind industrial standards.

We have implemented state-of-the-art automation machinery for our business and clients’ needs.

Automation machinery not only increases the speed of production but standardizes the quality output and time efficiency, which reduces costs, and saves our customers money.

However, hand stitching and sewing labor are unavoidable.

So we have the most up-to-date auto-programmed sewing machine for stitching and sewing, which takes away some of the intensive labor for our staff.

All our staff members are trained well with many years of experience working with us in the industry.

Our factories have fulfilled the latest environmentally-friendly equipment that complies with China’s legislation.

We listen!

Our high-quality, efficient manufacturing has developed from being open-minded listening to our global market’s wants and needs.

We appreciate feedback at Fantec. And we believe this has made our team a true market leader in our industry today, delivering excellence to our clients.

Highly organized, safe & clean environment.

An in-site to Fantec Manufacturing

Our latest manufacturing machinery and equipment is of the highest standards.

We have the latest software.

 We keep maintaining our software with the latest programs and updates, so we can be efficient in what we do.  

Our highly trained team is always checking the work, from start to finish.

Our team has set protocols and procedures in place to make sure your production goes smooth. We have regular reviews of our products, to maintain the highest standards and efficiency.

We have the latest software.

 We keep maintaining our software with the latest programs and updates, so we can be efficient in what we do.  

Highly organised, safe & clean environment

We have effective shipping solutions and procedures.

We can customize a shipping solution to suit your needs. We have several methods we have developed over the years, that re-ensure your precious cargo will be shipped to the highest of standards.      

From hand-sewing to automation machinery.

Our handmade bags made by high-quality sewing machines with the latest technology. This provides some automation features when sewing, thus reduce the intensity of manual laboring and to achieve the highest level of sewing.

Getting the Pantone image colors right.

  We make sure your Pantone colors are right.

We have a highly organized, safe, clean environment.

Quality control.

Our team is adaptive, versatile when it comes to quality control, even though we make large quantities of products. Our highly efficient team will control procedures to accommodate your needs. Ensuring we make it right for you.

Product Packaging.

Our team can Taylor the packaging to suit your products. We have packaging solutions to suit your needs. We also so use silicon satchels to absorb humidity when we ship our goods.

Our Backpacks and Bagging Range.

We make bags to suit your needs. We help the clients design the bag to suit any product or requirements, with a selection of fabrics, materials, and zippers.

Latest Technology and Equipment.

Fantec Manufacturing Team works hard to get it right for you.

We make sure that all fabric is of the right quality, consistency, and thickness.

We check the fabric for the right quality texture, thickness, and strength. We have several ways of checking this and maintain consistency with high-quality material and will not jeopardize our high levels standards.

We check that the Pantone colors are consistent.

We also check the Pantone colors are consistent from start to finish and from one batch to the other.    

Laser Foil.

We provide a wide range of laser foils with the latest equipment to apply them on your canvas. Our laser foils give your product a high-quality look you deserve.

We have a highly organized, safe, clean environment.

Wide Range of Pantone Colors.

Our Pantone colors will help you get the image you are looking for on your products.

Our Warehouse has the Latest Equipment.

We have the latest warehouse equipment to ensure your production is handled right. At Fantec, we care that your products are handled safely from one production procedure department to the other. We then pack your products as soon as production is completed to protect your assets ready for shipment.

The Combination of

Quality & Service

It is our priority to meet our client’s needs. We take the utmost pride and are passionate about everything we manufacture. That is why we are the best choice for you.

Our products are of the highest standards and internationally recognized. We strive to be environmentally friendly and meet our client’s needs worldwide.

Fantec Manufacturing has the Highest Standards of Quality Control.

At Fantec, our family business has not just developed the latest innovative equipment.

We have developed many protocols for all of our facilities in our factories over the years. To keep up-to-date with quality control and safety procedures.

We also keep developing and training our staff, which creates a more pleasant work environment and a win-win situation.

There is a mystical positive flow of energy in our work environment, as we are all proud to be part of our team.

Our client feels this energy, which has allowed us to develop quality business relationships over the year and find it an enjoyable experience, which makes us proud.

Your Positive Action Combined with Positive Thinking Results in Success.

Founded in 2008

At Fantecbags we strive to be the best
at manufacturing kraft paper bags, white kraft paper bags, non-woven bags, rept non-woven bags, cotton tote bags, jute bags, fold-able bags, canvas bags, waterproof back backs, backpacks, suitcases, packaging boxes, labels, rolls, and thermal paper rolls.

China is the best and cheapest for manufacturing, because of its low labor costs, vast manufacturing capabilities and infrastructure, and access to raw materials. Additionally, China is home to a number of specialized manufacturers and suppliers who specialize in making high-quality and cost-effective bags. Furthermore, the Chinese government has a number of incentives in place to encourage companies to produce environmentally-friendly and sustainable products, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact. Finally, China is well-connected to the rest of the world, making it easy to ship products to customers worldwide.

Make your next journey pleasurable with us.

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